Big Sur Engagement Photos

      Beck and Tim decided to travel so we could get Big Sur engagement photos, and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! They offered to picnic with Jillian and I before their engagement session and we couldn’t have been more excited. I always tell my clients about how important it is to connect with your photographer! However, I never had the idea of a picnic before an engagement session. Throughout their initial consultation, I got to know Beck & Tim, however being able to picnic the with them helped us break down the barriers between client-camera-photographer and get to know each other so much better for authentic imagery. It was great to hear so much more about their wedding and I’m excited about what they have planned for July this year!

      What other ways can you create authentic imagery?

      • Let’s grab a Pint or Glass of wine before photos to get to know each other better. (Or we can picnic, up to you!)
      • When picking a photographer, choose someone that you can whos style of photos you love and personality you can connect with!
      • Choose a location that is important to you or an environment that you love!

      Big Sur Engagement Photos

      For Beck & Tim’s Big Sur engagement Photos, we went to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park next to the Big Sur River, as well as Rocky Point just outside of the park. Walking near the river we hiked in the shade beneath amazing redwood trees and when we made it out to Rocky Point, you were able to see some of the iconic Big Sur Bridges in the background! California’s warm sunset fading down into their photos made for a perfect end to their Big Sur engagement session!



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