Healdsburg Rehearsal Dinner

Have you considered photography coverage for your rehearsal dinner? If you haven’t let me give you the top three reasons to do it! Photos from a beautiful Healdsburg rehearsal dinner.

1. Some of the most important speeches happen the night before

Did you know that there are usually more speeches that happen during the rehearsal dinner than the actual wedding itself? Since wedding receptions are getting more and more pressed on time, a lot of the most important, and special moments of speeches don’t actually take place on the night of the wedding. Coverage of these speeches and extra candids are always great to have.

2. Extra time for casual portraits with family & friends

When the stress of the wedding day hits, sometimes one of the first things that you forget to do are take some photos with friends. The rehearsal dinner is a perfect time to squeeze extra portraits with your friends into your wedding schedule.

3. If you aren’t big on engagement photos, you can get rehearsal dinner coverage instead!

Some people just don’t need engagement photos, and if your package includes an engagement session we can swap it for a couple hours of rehearsal dinner coverage.


Venue: Chalkboard Resturant, Healdsburg, CA



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