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Intimate Sequoia Wedding

Wuksachi Lodge, Sequoia National Park, CA

Ann + David love Sequoia National Park! As avid adventure enthusiasts, we clicked right away. Growing up next to Sequoia National Park, Ann fell in love with the majestic mountains, thousands of miles of trails, and the Giant Sequoia Trees that tower over the park. They could not have thought of anywhere better to get married than to have an Intimate Sequoia Wedding, and I’m stoked I was their Sequoia Wedding Photographer.

How to get married in Sequoia National Park:

So I know some people reading this may want to hop up and go elope in the middle of the woods. However, to make sure we are protecting the land that we love so much, it is important to remember these parks can’t deal with huge crowds in the middle of a meadow, or another sensitive environment. The rule of thumb is to check with your park ranger so that you can do it the right way! The park staff is often extremely accommodating! Another recent wedding in Sequoia was let to use a closed campground for their wedding, all they had to do was get their permit and hike in! To find out more information on a wedding in Sequoia National Park, and how you can protect our public lands, check out the site (Link with Specific info for Sequoia)!

Getting Eloped In Sequoia National Park

Getting eloped in Sequoia National Park is another amazing opportunity to explore, check out another Sequoia National Park elopement, and shoot me a line if you need help planning yours!

Updated on: February 25th, 2020

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