What’s up!

How’s it going, I’m Josiah! There are not a lot of things in life better than sitting around a campfire with good company, medium cooked steaks, the smell of the wind blowing at 10k feet, and a little sporadic adventure! As far as I can remember adventure has run through my veins: road trips, off-roading, backpacking, climbing, mountaineering, living life.

Not only do I swear by my Canon equipment and their dedication to their photographers but I love film! Yes that’s right! Not only do I shoot digital, but I’m also a film photographer! Film that you have to develop and process in a dark room! I shoot on an EOS-IV and Contax 645 film camera with Kodak Portra and Fuji Pro Film. Something about it makes it magical! Each time a photo is taken you can hear the film advance: an audible symbol of a memory that will be passed down for generations.

If you are interested in taking me my team somewhere rad for your wedding, elopement, or to take some portraits, shoot me an email and lets go on an adventure!

When I have a free hand after climbing a mountain, kayaking across a lake, or mountain biking, I’ll grab my upgraded tin-can + string and we’ll connect!

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